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Let your guests take centre stage with EventStreamLive, the powerful social media tool that displays real-time social interactions on your event’s big screen.

EventStreamLive lets you interact with your guests by featuring goodwill messages, photographs and videos using specific hashtags.
Quick to set up and easy to use, EventStreamLive gives you full control over which messages are displayed on your feed.

Suitable for: conferences, exhibitions, corporate events, tourist attractions, weddings, parties, sports events and more!

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The Benefits

Where do we start? Do you want your event to pay for itself? Or raise your brand's profile? EventStreamLive can help you do just that and more - the only thing it doesn't do is make the tea! Here's how:

  • Message bubbles

    Get people talking

    Everyone loves seeing their message on the big screen!
  • Check

    Full control

    Preview and approve every message before it goes live, removing any unwanted messages. Keep tabs on your feed on-site or back at the office.
  • Thumbs up

    No experience necessary

    Intuitive technology that’s easy to set up and use. We can provide on-site support or let you take the reins.
  • Monitor

    Personalised display

    Choose unique background colours, sponsors logos, event hashtags and Wifi logins to reflect each event.
  • Monitor and mobile

    Responsive Design

    Fits any size screen and a simple dashboard means you can take it anywhere.
  • Piggy bank

    Make your event pay

    Display sponsor logos or messages on screen with our Artwork Package.
  • Globe

    Raise your profile

    EventStreamLive gives guests an extra reason to tweet about your event, helping you to spread the message far and wide.
  • Bar graph

    See the results

    Get essential analytics to measure the impact of every event.
  • Social networks

    Social Platforms

    EventStreamLive supports your favourite social media platforms.

To trial EventStreamLive at your next event complete this form or give Phil Fraser a call on 0161 872 3455.

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Our Results

Our results really do speak for themselves. Take a look at our ProlificNorthLive case study to see how we achieved over 2,250 contributions in just one day.

Features at a glance

In a rush? No worries, here's a quick overview of what EventStreamLive can do...

Main Features

  • Self service
  • Create an event in minutes
  • Scalable – from a small party to a festival
  • Available to view in real-time
  • Ability to moderate content
  • Responsive design
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Ability to white label
  • Fully customisable display

Packages to suit your needs

Here at EventStreamLive, we've developed different packages to help suit your needs. Whether you fancy the simple approach of straight 'Out of the Box' or require a more advanced setup of our social media tool, we've got the package for you. We offer bespoke packages and licensing agreements on request.

To trial EventStreamLive at your next event complete this form or give Phil Fraser a call on 0161 872 3455.

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The Legends Stage

Don’t just take our word for it...

"The social media tool that EventStreamLive provided added to the fabulous event. It gave everyone the option to participate, making them feel that they were really part of the action. The atmosphere was electric."

Charlotte Farrington, Regional Development Manager for Variety, the Children's Charity, Yorkshire
The Social Wall

Our clients love it too...

"At our events now, you can feel the buzz in the air with the crowd loving every minute of the interaction by being part of the event, watching themselves on the big screen, competing with their friends for the best tweet of the night, all creating a magical atmosphere."

Lyn Staunton, Development Director Northwest, Variety, the Children's Charity
The Access Team

Here's what they think...

"EventStreamLive was a great addition to ProlificNorthLive and gave the expo’s attendees the opportunity to engage on a whole new level. It’s exciting to see your tweet or post on the big screen and I really think our delegates got a buzz from it. EventStreamLive is a great tool for anyone who wants to put their event at the centre of the online conversation."

Dunstan Carter, Expo Director, ProlificNorthLive

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To trial EventStreamLive at your next event complete this form or give Phil Fraser a call on 0161 872 3455.